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it’s the AGM next month, open to all STAA members

121 Ransom Road
1. Apologies for absence.
2. Minutes of STAA AGM 2013.
3. To receive The Report and Accounts for the year to 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014.
4. Election of the Management Committee.
5. Appointment and Fixing of the Independent Examiner’s Remuneration.
6. Allocation of Surplus.
7. Resolutions received:
a. New STAA objectives;
b. Consideration of amendments to Articles of Association (if any are brought forward);
c. To consider any other resolutions received seven days prior to the AGM.
8. Any Other Business that may be properly conducted at the AGM.
You must be a STAA member to attend the AGM (unless otherwise invited by the Management Committee) and to speak and/ or vote on any item.
If you wish to move a formal resolution at the AGM it must be received in writing seven clear days before the date of the meeting. You must then attend the meeting to present the resolution or propose that someone presents it on your behalf.
After the formal business of the AGM there will be a visit to the Communi


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An Escape from the Office

STAA staff, trustees and volunteers have been on two learning events in recent days.

On Tuesday 30th September a group of nine staff and trustees visited Hill Holt Wood in Lincolnshire. This was made possible thanks to a grant from Locality through their Knowledge and Skills Exchange. Hill Holt Wood is a social enterprise with its base in an ancient Lincolnshire woodland. Although somewhat different to a large allotment site in St Anns, there are many similarities between the two organisations and our respective sites which we were able to explore. We received a warm welcome and introductory presentation from Nigel and his team. We then broke for lunch, followed by an afternoon tour of the woods and training areas before catching the bus back to Nottingham. We left with plenty to ponder about how we can make better use of the allotment visitor centre and generating potential future income streams.

photo 2

Afternoon tour of the wood.

photo 3

Allotment gardeners walking around the kitchen garden at Hill Holt Wood.

On Wednesday 1st October, Michael took a small group of our heritage display garden volunteers to have a look round the walled garden at Clumber Park. The idea was to take inspiration from the ornamental borders, vegetable beds and orchards and see what ideas we could bring back to Oliver’s Plot. The sun shone as if it were midsummer and the gardens still looked great for so late in the year. The long herbaceous borders were in full bloom and buzzing with insects. We were particularly impressed by the national collections of local apple varieties and rhubarb. There may be some tweaks to Oliver’s Plot as a result of the visit – come back and visit STAA in 2015 to see if you can spot them!

2014-10-01 Clumber Park Visit

A step over apple tree

2014-10-01 Clumber Park Visit 2

Victorian lantern cloches, seakale together with forcing pots, and trained peach trees.

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